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Call for Makers

We are looking for Makers who would like to show their projects, contructions and works of art to fellow makers and a broader audience.

As a registered Maker, you will get a dedicated exhibition space at the meeting where you can set up and show your work. A good presentation should also display the process of creation and the techniques and tools that were used and invite others to try out themselves and to participate.

Individuals as well as projects, groups or clubs can apply as a registered maker. The participation is free.

We will also happily accept suggestions and applications for

  • Presentations / Live-Demos,
  • Contests and
  • Short Workshops
where Makers show and demonstrate their projects.

Application as Maker

If you would like to participate as a registered Maker, write an Email to bewerbung@hamburger-makertreffen.de.

Your application should contain:
  • a short description of your or the group/club you would like to present,
  • a description of the work or project that you would like to show,
  • if you would like to offer a workshop or presentation,
  • how much space (inside or outside) you need and what other requiremens (e.g. electrical power) you might have,
  • if you plan to do any live demo or other things the audience can participate in,
  • if you have any special requirements (fresh air, fire protection, etc.) for live demos
  • fotos or videos of your work (as mail attachment oder link to a video)

The Hamburg Maker Meeting is an environment for creative and playful work with materials, techniques and technology. At its core lie the ideas of Do-It-Yourself and the discovery and creation of new and interesting things. We would like to make the event easily accessible for as many people as possible. Because of this, the Hamburg Maker Meeting is a non-political event.

Send your application to the above email address.

If we receive more application that we have exhibition space, we'll give preference to those applications that best fit with the subjects and goals of the events.

Sale of Merchandise / Commercial exhibitors and offers

In general, we also accept commercial exhibitors and the sale of merchandise. But the merchandise or services offered should be in direct relationship to the subjects and ideals of the event and the idea of Making should always be the primary goal. Also, to sell any merchandise or service at the event, an explicit, written permission is required in advance. Without this permission, the sale and advertising of any merchandise or service is forbidden. For further information, write an email to bewerbung@hamburger-makertreffen.de.

The Hamburg Maker Meeting 2013 will take place:

When: tba

Where: Attraktor Makerspace

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